Motivate . Empower . Advance

Mehreen Mia Cassimjee

UN Goodwill Ambassador in Humanitarianism
Diplomatic Official of the Global International Alliance to SA
Empowerment Specialist (women, children, family)
NLP and CBT - Life coach for adults, youth and kids
Humanitarian Activist

Through my own life’s journey, I lived through and experienced the need for a balance between the heart, the mind and the soul. Through this journey and my experiences, I realised that at the brink of “I got this”, lies self-growth, in self-development as well as self-empowerment. That’s when I decided to pursue a career as an Empowerment Specialist and Life Coach.

How I Can Help You?

An NLP Master Practitioner, a CBT Practitioner and International Qualifications as a Life Coach among others, makes MEA Company a perfect partner to ensure your successful growth through your purposeful journey.

“Tailored programmes and workshops to suit your specific challenges and required outcomes.”



Life coaching - Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching - Relationship coaching - Empowerment coaching and programs - Healing techniques and programs - Wellness coaching - Self love and self care programs - Many more...


Kids & Teens

Life skills and coaching - Empowerment programs and coaching - Educational assessments and coaching - Anti child abuse activist speaker and program facilitator - Assessment and self development program - Behavioral and skills development program - Self care and self love program


Community & Media

Workshops and seminars - all topics, all matters - Motivational and Inspiring public speaking. - Empowerment Specialist and advisor - Workshops and seminars for kids - Inspirational poet and writer - Co-host various programs and various radio talk shows - Webinars - guest speaker internationally - Anti bullying speaker and programmer - Anti GBV anti DV speaker and program facilitator - Anti child abuse activist - Humanitarian activist


I'm extremely passionate about uplifting our children and our youth. Motivating, Empowering and Advancing our women to find the best versions of themselves. Identifying their personal self power and becoming the best most authentic and confident persons they can be. I will help you transform your life and your relationships as we go through the processes of self growth. Taking control of you and your life, and unlocking your true potential, self worth and passion.

Work With Me

Use our specially designed sessions and workshops to re-mould yourself and transform your mind and thought patterns. Tailored programmes to suit your specific challenges and required outcomes.

MEA Company can help your child grow to their full potential. The need for a safety net and finding success in every sphere of their lives. Personal, academic or social. We can aid with parenting skills as well, designed to suit each child individually.

My Vision

To make that positive difference and global impact to people’s lives. Where our women are empowered to reclaim their self worth, and our children are enriched with the best tools for their betterment and success in life’s journey.

My Passion

To truly bring out the best in others and be the best version of themselves. Helping all, including children, to find success in their journey of life.